Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the roller for my shower?

You can use our Find Your Roller section which guides you through by asking you simple questions.

Who can I contact for help?

If you can't find what you need, or need to speak to someone, please send a message via WhatsApp or email! All contact details can be found here.

Can I send in a photo for you to help me match up my roller?

Yes you can use this link to send us details of your roller including a photograph.

How can I measure my roller?

You can use our diagrams along with a micrometer or vernier caliper which can be found on sites like amazon here.

Can your rollers be used on curved glass?

The majority of our shower door rollers will fit straight and curved glass. The key thing to check is whether the wheels pivot. If they do, then they will work on curved glass. If they don't, they won't. Please see individual product descriptions to check before purchasing, or contact us if you are unsure.

Does it help if I have the manufacturer's model name or brand?

We stock over 150 different types of shower door rollers and gliders, and in a lot of cases, wheels will fit more than one model or brand of shower screen. It is far more important to take accurate measurements of the roller you need, and use the filters on the website to narrow down the choice.

You can of course try typing in the brand or manufacturer into the search box of the website. Where we are aware of a brand or model of shower screen that a particular wheel is suitable for, we do add those as keywords that should show up in the search, but if you don't find a roller in the search this way, it doesn't mean we won't have a roller that fits your screen. You will just find it by using the measurements.

Can I get next day delivery for my order?

If you order before midday and choose our express delivery option for £2, then in many cases you will receive the items on the next working day. We do however say 1-2 working days for express delivery and 2-3 working days for standard delivery as we cannot actually guarantee next day delivery.

Have a look at our delivery details page for more detailed information.

Can I visit your warehouse to buy shower door rollers onsite?

We don't have a physical shop, but we do have a warehouse that you can visit if you are able to easily get to Hoo Marina Industrial Estate near Rochester in Kent.

It is advisable to call ahead if you can to let us know you will be visiting, but you can visit any time in working hours (9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday except bank holidays).

Can upper rollers be used at the bottom of my shower screen and vice versa?

In most cases, the shower rollers listed on our website as "Upper" or "Lower" accurately describe where those rollers are typically located on a shower screen. There are some occasions however where a manufacturer does use what we call "Lower" rollers on the top of a shower screen and the "Uppers" on the bottom.

As a general rule, we would advise you to use the "Lower" rollers at the bottom as these often have sprung buttons that make them easier to fit.

If you are in any doubt, please feel free to contact us for advice.

Is it safe to use silicone spray on my shower door?

It is safe to use silicone spray on the majority of the shower door rollers we supply. In fact it can often increase the life of the rollers by reducing friction and wear.

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